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Designing and developing a great website is a very challenging process. It is a lot more than just images and text placed beautifully together. A great website needs a great strategy, a great design to communicate the strategy, a great developing process to support all the modern time needs, precise optimization after launch and, of course, a great support.

We don’t only design beautiful websites, we make sure our clients rock the Internet and make money from their online presence. We offer a complete website success experience through tested strategies and unmatched support, and this experience only a big team of professionals can offer. Our website development team consists of in-house online strategists, web and user experience designers, web developers, project managers, content strategists, copywriters and a carefully chosen set of selected partners in Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing.
Set of services we offer for website creation:
• Strategy
• Web design
• Web development
• Copywriting
• Photography
• Search Engine Optimization
• Digital Marketing Campaigns
• Testing & Optimization
• World Top Hosting
• Unmatched Support
• Before and After sales consulting
If you believe that a website is not just an insignificant fingerprint on the World Wide Web, but a tool of interactive communication with the customer, then you are in the right place.

In Artware we design unique websites that are responsive to the needs and the philosophy of our customer. For this reason we avoid using pre-made templates; we create every single feature of the website by using clean code. The functionality of our websites is based on their responsive and interactive design, while the informative and artistic text and graphics provide all the details in the most comprehensive and pleasant way.

To us every project is unique and it is considered as a result of artistic, creative and technical ability. We care not only for functional and visual integrity, but we also provide a full support to the client.


Concept & Strategy
The first step is research and data collection of the special features of our customer’s products and services. By this procedure we compile a complete marketing and promotional profile. This profile will be presented in a most clear, informative and comprehensive way, by using and highlighting all the data that makes our clients stand out.
User Interface Design
The second step includes the process of determining the form and the design of the website’s layout, in order to ensure both practical functionality and presentation. This is most definitely the key part. One might say that this is the most important part of your communication with the customer, since it’s probably the first “date” with them and can only be described as the creation of the form which establishes a virtual dialogue between your company and the customer via your website.
Once we ensure the structure of this "dialogue", in the third step, it is time to proceed with the design of the visual material and the copywriting of the entire context needed, which will exhibit and demonstrate the products, the services, and the unique details of your business. By these features we aim to provide the visitors of the website with all the information needed to form a first complete image and find exactly the answer to their needs.
Testing & Validation
Once the designing process is over, it is high time to start testing the pilot version of the site and conduct all compatibility tests, to ensure that the site is perfectly accessible from any type of device, and every possible browsing program. Then, the final validation check of content strategy is carried out by confirming if text and graphic elements do finally focus on the communication service targeting.
Monitoring & Optimization
The last step in the completion of a successful web design includes the services of Artware’s programming department, applying functionality enhancement for high adaptability and Search Engine Optimization, in order to achieve top results in the online search over competition. This step also includes an after sale procedure of analyzing the quality data of traffic and interaction, in order to validate the achievement of the objectives or to implement any possible changes.


How much do you charge to design a website?

In Artware design and develop websites at the price of € 2000-5000 Euros. In some cases, for example in large-scale pages for large companies, the cost may surpass € 7,000. Just send us a message and we will draw up an estimate for free.

My business isn't in your city; can you still build my website?

Yes. We develop websites for clients across Greece and even on a worldwide basis.

How long will it take to complete my website?

Most websites can be fully integrated in a period of 4-8 weeks. Nevertheless, some companies may need to communicate a much larger information base. In these cases we may need a little bit more time to complete their professional website.

My brother in law / nephew / third cousin / employee says that they can design my site for free. Why shouldn't I just let them design it?

Just because someone offers you something for free, it does not necessary mean that they’re good at it; especially if this is hardly their profession, or if they simply have just little relevant experience. Considering websites, many may think they can build one; but, most people do not know how to make a site achieve high rankings in Internet search results -in Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

I have a friend that has worked on cars since he was a kid. If he tells me that he can fix a problem with my car, I trust that he will do a good job. But if he offered to handle my taxes, just because he did it once for a relative, I may not take a chance with that. A mistake with something like that can cost me money. Just like getting a website done by someone without internet marketing experience can cost you potential business. It usually pays off to simply hire a professional in the first place.

I already have a website. Why isn't it listed well on Google or Yahoo?

This happens, actually, because many professionals and many companies can design your website, but few know how to make it work better in Internet search parameters. Even if you have the most beautiful site in the world, it really doesn’t matter if someone is not able to find and visit it.

The key to higher rankings in online search results is to find someone who knows how to work with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In Artware we know various techniques and Internet rules to consistently achieve better results.

Looking for a professional web designer, or, even better, a company that undertakes such a project, there are several important factors to take into consideration. Keep always in mind these questions: How long has the company been in business? Do they have a large portfolio with working sites that you can visit? Does the company have positive client testimonials & links to their sites? Creating a website is a significant investment of time and money. That is why you should even consider calling some of their customers and get feedback about the cooperation between them.

How will I know if people are visiting my website?

We recommend a hosting server, which offers a free statistics program. This program can show you how many people visited your website, from which area, and even what they were searching for on Google to find you.

What if I need to make changes to my website?

Most websites we create can easily be edited by using the WordPress panel. Thus it is quite easy to apply your changes to the content, while the site continues running online. Beyond this, Artware provides you even with the option to maintain your website for you.

How much experience do you have as a website design company?

Our website department opened its doors in 2008 as a one-person team. Not long after, Artware grew into a team of more than 6 dedicated web developers and graphic artists. The team at Artware has over 30 years combined experience with the web.

What kind of search engine rankings do you guarantee?

With the search engines there is never a guarantee. Artware exploits as many factors as possible in order to achieve the best possible rankings. We have some specific tricks that have never disappointed us.

Can you SEO my website?

There are some small but very important changes which can be made to existing web pages in order to achieve higher rankings. You might see small changes in your search engine ranking with SEO changes made. However, the best possible website ranking is always seen with a website that is designed and planned to be search engine optimized.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in a new website give our website design department a call at 0030 2510 223879 to get started. We will be more than happy to discuss all of your needs and work with you to put together a detailed scope. Once signed off on we will begin the design of your new website and keep working with you from there.

Do you offer website hosting?

We offer hosting on our dedicated servers. Server space is available for rent for as little as 10 euros per month! We also offer a year of free hosting with the purchase of a new website.

We’ve got you covered!
We are the kind of agency that never let your hand; we fully support and consult your business. Think of us like your in-house IT Department; you can literally call us 20 times per day and we will offer you true technical support and answer all your questions.

-Excellent cooperation.
-Great website design.
-Unique photography.

Thermoplastiki S.A. - Konstantinos Baloglou

Ο λόγος που επέλεξα να συνεργαστώ με την Artware ήταν
ο επαγγελματισμός και η σοβαρότητά της. Θέλω να ευχαριστήσω
και να συγχαρώ όλο το team της Artware για την πολύ συνεπή,
ολοκληρωμένη και άμεση συνεργασία, σε όλους τους τομείς.

Alumik - Δημήτριος Μιχαηλίδης

Ο λόγος που επέλεξα να συνεργαστώ με
την Artware ήταν ο επαγγελματισμός και
η σοβαρότητά της. Θέλω να ευχαριστήσω
και να συγχαρώ όλο το team της Artware
για την πολύ συνεπή, ολοκληρωμένη και
άμεση συνεργασία, σε όλους τους τομείς.

Alumik - Δημήτριος Μιχαηλίδης

The reason that I have chosen to work with Artware was their professionalism
and their serious approach of business. I would like to thank and congratulate
the whole team of Artware for the consistent, direct and intimate cooperation
on each and every matter.

Alumik - Dimitrios Michailidis

Since I’ve decided to work on the public relations and the promotion of STYLKO Inc., I already knew that in Artware I had found a dedicated partner and consultant.

STYLKO Inc. - Stilianos Kothalis

From the very first meeting, Artware’s team had absolutely earned my trust.

Tsikrikonis Winery - Theodoros Tsikrikonis

Artware helped us understand the value of image and branding. The products themselves, however good they may be, they must be presented properly. We were impressed by the availability of the whole team, and their permanent good mood. Of course we suggest Artware! We have already done it and will continue to do so. We feel so lucky to have known you!

Tasos Grill Bar

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