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Velakis Law Firm

As a fact, a company’s philosophy should be reflected in all of its communication material. This means that, not only the content, but also the design and aesthetics of the website should be fully harmonised with the essential features of the company’s characteristics.

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Creating the new Velakis Law Firm website, a key challenge for Artware was to reveal the true identity and characteristics of the company, through the thorough presentation of all relevant kinds of information, but also with its aesthetic prestige in design. The implementation of a communication code based on passive marketing and the targeting of the website’s audience, were key parameters in content composition.

  • Strategy

    Brand adaptation, UX strategy, web design, targeted marketing

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, art direction

  • Content

    Content writing & editing, photography

  • Client

    Velakis Law Firm


Creating the strategy

The design of the website followed two main axis of practical development: On the one hand, it aimed to integrate a comprehensive set of information, with the additional factor of ease in detection and access, and on the other hand, the vital task was to visualise the imposing, strict but modern style via the elements of design.

Creating the right image

Web design and Photography

The visual elements of the design also serve to convey the information through two main aspects: The presentation even through the decorative elements of the website, and via the strategic placement of the extensive photographic material, shot by Artware, for the presentation of both the law firm and the team behind it. The final image inspires the visitor and conveys the element of the brand’s philosophy through the aesthetic content and context.

Quality Content matters

Directing the visitor to the information

Particular emphasis was given on the extended presentation of the Fields of Specialisation. Thus, each relevant sub-page of the website contains exclusive thematic information, presenting the Law Firm’s specialised services.

Therefore, the visitor is provided with an adequate amount of information through the quality content, which embraces the structure of the website’s strategic design. This allows for the complete presentation and communication of all the desired information, which reaches the visitor in the optimal and most complete way.

Βελάκης - Ιστοσελίδα δικηγορικού γραφείου
Βελάκης - Ιστοσελίδα δικηγορικού γραφείου
Βελάκης - Ιστοσελίδα δικηγορικού γραφείου

Total Optimisation

An impeccable
final result

In terms of web development, responsiveness and ease of access from any type of device, browser and OS, search engine optimisation (SEO), and SSL security protocol application were our main responsibilities, both for safe, smooth and seamless access and for optimal web ranking.

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