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When you have created a brand that reflects the trendy and glamorous attitude of your client, then it’s important to reflect those elements on its website in the most creative and comprehensive way. And since this brand is one of the most trendy lingerie and homewear retailers, then the need for creative design, targeted quality content and fabulous development strategy is a given. Welcome to SUC!

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Interaction and active digital tools were the basic parameters in the design of the SUC.gr e-shop that gives the visitor easy and direct access to all the products and options, the information required to make the right choice, the immediate ability to contact the store, but also the fast and secure placement of their order, with the option of an immediate on-line payment.

  • Strategy

    Brand Implementation, UX Strategy, Web Design, Targeted Marketing, Marketplace Compatibility

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction, Graphics Design, Illustration

  • Content

    Content Writing & Editing, Photo Editing

  • Client


SUC e-shop

A mirror for the customer

The e-shop SUC.gr wasn’t designed as an extension of any physical commerce activities. Its origins are defined and clearly located in the pure eCommerce sphere, enhanced by top design, which, via the options of navigation, aims to give the customer the feeling, the safety and the pleasure as if they were in a physical store.

Active interaction, presentation and marketing

It is not an online
product catalogue!

It is a fully functional eCommerce website, which includes the special features of the company’s Philosophy, framed by graphic design, integrated products presentation and smart, specialised marketing targeting!

The customer is literally 3 clicks away from placing their order, in the most functional and secure way. There are no unnecessary elements in the e-shop of SUC.gr. Although rich in features, everything has a functional reason of existence on the website.

As if we were the customers

Design by the customer’s
point of view

The SUC.gr e-shop is a completely custom eCommerce website and was designed to serve the customer. And by “customer” we mean both our customer, SUC, and SUC’s potential and active customers. This is achieved through a friendly website management base, with the user, at both ends, being able to easily and directly make their choices.

The customer can search and navigate in the easiest way to the categorised product they want, and choose all the possible available versions, while having access to a set of useful information. On the other hand, the professional has the ability to manage products and information with great ease, featuring them in the most appropriate and marketing effective way, thanks to the specialised functional design.

SUC - Δημιουργία ηλεκτρονικού καταστήματος
SUC - Δημιουργία ηλεκτρονικού καταστήματος
SUC - Δημιουργία ηλεκτρονικού καταστήματος

Design & Photography

Product-focused image and style

Size, colour, style, related products, smart previews and filtering. Are they enough? No! They should be presented in the best way, so that they harmoniously frame the product and direct the visitor to the right and easy choice. Therefore we offered several product photo shooting and training sessions, in order to ensure the final presentation result of the products. A result that provides the visitor/customer with an ideal and realistic image, embedded in an original artistic design, which will match with and underline the identity and philosophy of SUC, while featuring the characteristics of the products themselves.
SUC - Δημιουργία ηλεκτρονικού καταστήματος

Standing out from competitors

Functional eCommerce website

Product taxonomy and filtering analysis

GDPR and shop policies



Google analytics

Live chat

In-store product photography studio setup and training

Wishlist and compare list integration

One step checkout

Google and Facebook sign in

Loyalty point system


Social media integration (Facebook/Google login, share product)

Newsletter account setup (Mailchimp)

Instagram shopping setup

Skroutz integration

Online payment setup and integration (Credit card / Paypal)

Shipping setup and integration

Cart items cookies setup

Dynamic remarketing setup

Abandoned cart automation setup

Price drop automated notification


SUC by numbers.

custom designed pages 0
custom designed pages

To ensure the unique and approach to every different category and product.

3rd party integrations 0
3rd party integrations

From the different payment options to the courier service’s automations, and from the marketing tools to shopping platforms.

branding implementation 0
branding implementation

A web design that implements all the branding elements, even in deconstructed forms, and ensures maximum brand awareness.

integrated marketing tools 0
integrated marketing tools

Instagram and Facebook Shop setup, Skroutz integration, Marketing email tools, Live Chat and several other marketing tools at SUC’s and customer’s service.

What we made



Full Banking and shipping calibration

An automated process that speeds up order processing and tracking.


Marketing friendly content

Design and content’s compatibility with various marketing apps and options.


3rd party commerce platforms ready

An intelligent database categorisation and enhanced compatibility.



Shopping is a pleasure, thus we made it digital, including several positive surprise factors.

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