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Mylonas website

When the practically endless variety of products and services constitutes a main parameter on your design and development of a website, then the challenge gets to its higher levels of complexity. But, still, the success is a result of a very common strategy for Artware, since the design and development of the new website for the Mylonas electrical supply and installation company -a company that provides a practically endless variety of electrical equipment, automation and lighting solutions to clients ranging from homeowners to large-scale industrial units- required extensive study and specialised pre-processing.

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Our main goal was to create a website that reflects the company’s principles and characteristics through design, content and development, while featuring all the available products through comprehensive pdf catalogues, within dedicated sub-pages. One of the most important parameters within every step of design and development was the minimum unnecessary involvement of our customer.

  • Strategy

    branding, UX strategy, web development

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, art direction

  • Content

    content writing & editing, photography

  • Client



Determining the data

A wide range of customers and a correspondingly wide range of products require on the one hand the targeted selection and creation of content that will be addressed, in general but also individually, to everyone, and, on the other hand, they make an extensive cataloguing, processing and categorisation of products necessary, just to achieve an easy navigation through the vast amount of information provided by the website.

A 1,200+ products database

design and development

More than 1,200 products fall into a set of specialised categories and subcategories, within the new Mylonas G.P. website, through smart and fully functional filtering, which aims to provide the specialised information that the visitor needs, directly and without verbosity of unrelated content. A clean design, based on the brand’s elements and philosophy, provides the visitors with the guidelines to focus on the specific product and trace all the related products they might need.

Μυλωνάς - Web design ιστοσελίδας
Μυλωνάς - Web design ιστοσελίδας
Μυλωνάς - Web design ιστοσελίδας

Marketing focus

B2B & B2C

A large part of the active, but also potential, clients of Mylonas G.P., consists of professionals in the field of electrical work, but also companies – of all sizes and scales – who are looking for specialised electrical equipment, with precision, quality and compatibility. For this reason, both the B2C and the B2B part of the company’s activity are presented on the website with absolute clarity, specification and specialisation, so that anyone interested can easily and directly access the sub-page of the product, category or service they are looking for.

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