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Muscle & Fitness

Muscle & Fitness is a complete store of nutritional and fitness supplements in Kavala, which approaches its young audience mainly through the quality of its products and the in-depth knowledge of the people who manage it.

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Muscle & Fitness contacted Artware to create its e-shop, aiming at the wider dissemination of the store’s information and philosophy to a wider audience, and developing through it a wider clientele and widening its reference.

  • Strategy

    UX strategy, web design, targeted marketing, marketplace compatibility

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, art direction

  • Content

    Content writing & editing, photo editing

  • Client

    Muscle & Fitness


E-Commerce objectives

Muscle & Fitness e-shop aims to be a practical buying tool with easy and friendly access, complete presentation with product reference, instant communication, suggestions, tips and advice, easy navigation to focus on what the customer desires as well as practical functionality with multi-functional filters.

It is, in simple terms, the digital identity and the presentation of the physical store, focusing on the people themselves and their needs, in dealing with everyday training and meeting all the related needs.

Active interaction, presentation and marketing

A marketing enhanced e-shop

Call-to-action marketing is an established technique, but in the case of Muscle & Fitness, it becomes integrated part of the philosophy! Therefore, we placed special emphasis on call-to-actions, with a very youthful philosophy, aimed precisely at the store audience.

Moreover, the e-shop follows a clear line that makes it even friendlier to the beginners. With integrated product presentation, intelligent sorting and selection filters, and enhanced categorisation, the e-shop provides the user with one of the friendliest environments. Providing direct access to the bouquet of products of visitor’s preference, to offers and featured products, but also providing advice of the experts. In a simple process, the visitor can easily create an account, add products to their shopping cart or wish list and complete their purchase.

Speaks the customer’s language

The “Hit it” scenario

The phrase “hit it” is not an aggressive formulation. It is an absolute call to action. A call to action that fits the store’s model and philosophy, in complete alignment with the features and the common athletic terminology of the target audience.

Our goal was to ensure that the content of the website is fully harmonised with the expressive means of its visitors, without being too sophisticated. The part of their daily means of communication and the language of the gym inspire intimacy.

Muscle & Fitness - Σχεδιασμός ιστοσελίδας
Muscle & Fitness - Σχεδιασμός ιστοσελίδας
Muscle & Fitness - Σχεδιασμός ιστοσελίδας

Products, filtering and categories

Emphasis on the Products

Products are the protagonists! Separated in their own categories, even from the home page, they dominate the entire e-shop. Thus, user-friendliness has been the main factor in the design and development of the Muscle & Fitness eshop. A simple click on one of the hundreds of products is enough to convince the visitor.
Easy access through clever categorisation, product predominant presentation, thorough product information and optimized response, as well as direct access to the filter of choices make the product page a buying tool in the hands of the visitor. The product images, the integrated descriptions and the smart filtering are the characteristics that allow a product to be well featured by promoting their dominant image, while making it easier for the visitor to get to know it and be sure of their choice.


Muscle & Fitness by numbers

custom designed pages 0
custom designed pages

Active filtering and products’ categorisation demand a large number of subpages, ready to provide the visitor with the specific information or products.

3rd party integrations 0
3rd party integrations

From the different payment options to the courier service’s automations, and from the marketing tools to shopping platforms.

branding implementation 0
branding implementation

The brand constitutes a basic element of the e-shops design throughout its landing and sub-pages.

integrated marketing tools 0
integrated marketing tools

Social Media-friendly setup, Skroutz integration, email Marketing, Blogging and several other marketing tools ready to promote the e-shop.

What we made



Full Banking and shipping calibration

One-click shopping and fully automated logistics process that speed up order processing and tracking.


SEO and Responsiveness

Quality content, keywords establishment, call-to-actions smart design, universal access implementation and development for optimum results.


Filtering and Marketplace compatibility

An intelligent database enables easy product categorisation and enhanced compatibility with 3rd party market platforms.


Blogging and Content Marketing

Equipped with an embedded blog and active Content Marketing, compatible with Social Media and 3rd party specifications and requirements.

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