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When designing and developing a website for a company that has an extensive number of specialised professional food processing products, we need to keep in mind three basic parameters: Custom web-design, targeted audience and extensive data management.

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This was exactly the case of designing and developing the Lakidis S.A. website. Considering the client’s quality characteristics, it is clear that the website should reflect, but also serve, the status that through a state-of-the-art production line and a boundless capacity for innovation and product customisation, Lakidis S.A. has been established as a leading expert in the field of industrial food machinery with a dealer network spanning over 12 countries.

  • Strategy

    Brand implementation, UX strategy, web development

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, art direction

  • Content

    Content writing & editing, info-icons, marketing dedicated content

  • Client


Lakidis S.A. website

A user-driven

The food processing market professional is looking for the specific details in the presentation of the products, but also an easy access to the information of all of their features. Therefore, Artware has proceeded with an extensive categorisation and enhanced application of search filters in the design and development of the Lakidis S.A. website. It is more than obvious that these features are available on both the desktop and the mobile version of the website.

An impressive approach

and focused

We’ve analysed the facts and values and then we formed the Concept and the Strategy behind Lakidis S.A. digital profile, in the most clear and comprehensive way. Thus, the website reflects the company’s prominence in the field and promotes the features and characteristics of its impressive product lineup.

Provide the visitor with all they need


Considering the product-focused philosophy of the website’s design and development, the filtering of product data, the extensive categorisation and the smart filtering were a prerequisite, even for the decisive presentation of the content. This allows the visitor access all the information they are looking for via an easy-to-use search, both in terms of the type and the characteristics of the requested product.

Lakidis - Κατασκευή website για βιομηχανία
Lakidis - Κατασκευή website για βιομηχανία
Lakidis - Κατασκευή website για βιομηχανία

Standing out from competitors

Quality content and targeted information

The goal of the new website was the extensive but specialised presentation of the company’s identity, its extensive domestic and international presence, as well as the highly exclusive features of its products and services, in the most compatible to the professionals of the field way. And all of these with the least possible effort contributed by our client.


Project by numbers.

custom designed pages 0
custom designed pages

Including all the information and conveying it via the ideal presentation.

product categories 0
product categories

Dedicated product categories combined with active search application.

branding implementation 0
branding implementation

The website reflects the artistic elements and the strategy components of Lakidis S.A. brand in the most complete and comprehensive way.

products and services information icons 0
products and services information icons

Content and icons deliver the crucial information in the most direct and immediate way.

What we made



Research and Marketing

Extensive preliminary competition research and product analysis.


GDPR and Optimisation

Development, optimisation, responsive customisation, SEO and SSL application for a fully GDPR compliant website


Targeted content

Quality Copywriting and comprehensive design for the complete and strategic presentation of information, products and services.


Marketing focused

Blog and social media integration, combined with strategic content and digital marketing focus.

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