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Kimerland Hotels

The design and development of a website for Istikbal Kimerland’s specialised furniture and ready-made rooms for Tourism had undoubtedly been an interesting and demanding challenge for Artware.

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A specialised targeting and the unforgiving plethora of available products, combinations and ready-made proposals decided the content and the development of this unique website. Adding the option for the visitor to create their own list of preference and to ask for details, advice of potential costing, makes us to have the complete picture of a wonderful puzzle.

  • Strategy

    Brand adaptation, UX strategy, web design, targeted marketing

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, art direction

  • Content

    Content writing & editing, photography

  • Client


Kimerland B2B

Exploring the data

In the field of tourism, the choice of furniture is made differently than in the case of furnishing a house. Both the selection of individual furniture pieces and the readymade compositions is usually done in large quantities, and this is something that requires special flexibility in compiling the final order list.

Active presentation and marketing


An active categorisation within sub- and product-pages, defined by filtering parameters has been the most appropriate way to comply with the product-focused character of the website. Furthermore, the minimal design directs the visitor’s attention straight to the products which are framed by a set of useful information and options.

Minimal Design

Maximum efficiency

Artware proceeded to the web design by creating a separate exclusive ID/Brand for the specialised services offered by Kimerland in the field of B2B furniture products, addressed to the Tourism industry. This identity found application on the design of the website adding the appropriate minimalism, which lets the products have the main role in both aesthetics and functionality.

Kimerland - Σχεδιασμός ιστοσελίδας & Καταλόγου επίπλων
Kimerland - Σχεδιασμός ιστοσελίδας & Καταλόγου επίπλων

Design & Photography

Let the products

Artware proceeded to photograph an extensive number pieces of furniture, both separately and in complete compositions, but also in an integrated configuration of the functional space of Tourist Accommodation Businesses, in order to present in the best way to the visitor the optimal image of the information; giving directly, even via the company’s website the possible form of the specific furniture.

Standing out from competitors

Products, services
and philosophy in the
first place

The main goal for the website’s design and development was to provide the professional of the field with the complete presentation of the real image of the furniture and the completed proposals, stimulating their interest through the specialised functionality and all the quality information. Via a comprehensive route within the content, the visitor has the opportunity to create their own list of products and consider their options and purchase, by requesting complete feedback and costing from Kimerland.


Kimerland by numbers.

custom designed pages 0
custom designed pages

To ensure the unique and approach to every different category and product.

branding implementation 0
branding implementation

A web design that implements all the elements of the adapted exclusive ID/Brand for the B2B services.

B2B format 0
B2B format

Content, design and development are dedicated to the B2B marketing format.

dynamic product categories 0
dynamic product categories

Active filtering and product categorisation for an even more convenient navigation.

What we made



Integrated products photography and showcase

Photography and Design provide the visitor with a full view of the products’ characteristics.


Brand adaptation

A dedicated to the specific services brand variation had been created and implemented.


Targeted Marketing

Design and content’s compatibility with the B2B ecommerce website’s philosophy.


User-friendly development

Fully GDPR compliant and with exclusive shopping and contact forms, according to the targeted market’s needs.