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Kavala Port Authority

The port of Kavala celebrates its 100 years, as a need, as an idea and as an institution. The original Kavala Port Commission was established in 1920, with the vision of creating a safety point for ships, travelers and goods within the old natural bay, which until then had the role of the city’s port. Almost 10 years later, in 1929, the Greek prime-minister, Eleftherios Venizelos, inaugurates the port of Kavala, a port whose construction work will continue to be completed 20 years later.


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Kavala’s port management authority, the current administrator, the Kavala Port Authority SA, asked Artware to create the Concept, the Content and the Communication & Marketing Framework.

  • Strategy

    Branding, Visual Identity, Artistic Legacy, Marketing Strategy, Event Awareness

  • Design

    Logo design, Concept design, Interior and Exterior Design Intervention, Animation, Memorabilia, Large Scale Design

  • Content

    Historical Research, Quality Content, Video Creation, Photography

  • Client

    Kavala Port Authority SA

Design Inspiration

100 years of Safety and Prosperity

The Logo created by Artware, on behalf of the current port administrator “Kavala Port Authority SA”, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kavala’s central port, was inspired by the very essence of the port. The security that it constantly offers both to the moored boats, as well as to the infrastructure of tourism, professional fishing activity and maritime sports, is symbolised through the representative depiction of the breakwater’s practical function. The strong ripple at the right side of the image, symbolically forms the last two digits of the number 100, collides and ceases to exist in the number 1, which is formed by the graphic representation of the breakwater.

Delivering the message

The double meaning
of the logo

Via this creative illustration of the number 100, the viewer receives the two most basic sets of information:
1. The time value
The 100 years of Kavala’s Port existence mark the essence of the celebration. For this reason, this dominant information is the whole basis of the visual art and is immediately perceived by the viewer.
2. The benefits
From the first purpose of the creation of a protected anchorage, until its current multipurpose port premises, the primary meaning – benefit of the port, as an infrastructure, is to provide the essential safety of the access and docking of 4 categories of boats and ships (passenger ferry, tourist, professional and sports). This information is clearly transmitted through the visual representation of an archetypal image of wave obstruction.
+ An Easter Egg
Finally, the linear pattern of the design and imprint of the logo resembles the linear gradation values on maps. This is an additional, visual characteristic, which underlines the strategic planning that is always followed by the administrative organisation, considering management and future plans.

Multiple applications

100 years in motion

The logo for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Kavala’s Port hides a motion in its design; a motion that can be depicted via exceptional aesthetics, when the logo is applied to a moving image. As in the history of the port, so in the identity of the celebration of 100 years, nothing remains stationary!
ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια
ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια

VIP Anniversary Gift

The commemoration of an anniversary is a matter of communication, and for this very reason, Artware proceeded to design an anniversary gift, inspired by the 100 year’s logo, able to cover every need and be worthy of every honoured recipient.

ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια

“Walking on the sea”

The pillars project

The next stage for Artware was dedicated exclusively to the implementation of the particularly important communication framework through special constructions and installations.

Through scientific research and the collection of the material, 5 double-sided pillars were designed and constructed, presenting historical photographic material and texts that register the port in the course of history, but also future development projects.

ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια

History step by step

Following the pillars

The placement of the pillars created a route on the waterfront, with the visitor learing the history at every step, while, at the same time, is standing at the corresponding point, where the presented historical events took place.


You are HERE! & Why are you here?


The planning era & Project accomplished!


The major redevelopment & Τhe westward expansion


Sailing to a new era & Strategic Development Plan


Facing a new era & Setting a new course

ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια

The Pyramid Pillars

Another artistic implementation of the 100 years anniversary identity elements are the giant pyramid-shaped pillars that were specifically designed to dress a couple of functional, yet of little appealing state, structures on the port’s waterfront, communicating the messages of this important anniversary and adding a creative touch to the celebration.

ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια
ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια
ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια

“Taking over” the buildings

Building Graphics

Just as a celebration requires the decoration of the festive spot, so the 100th anniversary demanded that even the port buildings should be “dressed” with the festive motif. Particular attention was paid to the exterior and interior of the port’s terminal.

ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια


A port, a spot, a celebration

The port’s terminal was dressed up with the visual elements of the 100 years anniversary identity. From the ripples effect on the exterior glass to the smallest interior details, all the elements were created through the specialised design of artistic interior and exterior graphic design.

ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια
ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια
ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια

Numerous logo applications

An anniversary to remember

The festive identity of the port’s 100th anniversary found application in an extensive number of souvenir accessories, transferring the celebration directly to the people.

Audiovisual creation

A video to learn and celebrate!

The final creative step included the production of a 7’30” video, which serves the communication needs of the anniversary. For the creation of the video, the most ideal concept was drafted and selected, an extensive research was carried out in the historical archives regarding the central port of Kavala, the appropriate audiovisual material was taken or digitally created, the rights of third parties’ additional material (such as the music) were obtained, the content of the text was written and its digital production was directed and executed.

On the map

The area of the applications

The application of the visual material for the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Kavala’s central port extends to the entire waterfront and the building facilities, covering an area of 2 km.

Pyramid-shaped pillars

Information pillars - “Walking on the sea” project

Port terminal

ΟΛΚ - Σχεδιασμός παρουσίασης 100 Χρόνια


Project by numbers.

working hours 0
working hours

Dedication to project execution can be measured in man-hours, but in reality it is measured in the quality of the result.

words of information material 0
words of information material

As a result of extensive historical research, a rich content accompanies more than 50 images and designed representations.

designs of large structures 0
designs of large structures

10 static information pillars and 3 pyramid-shaped pillars in the pedestrian zone of the port.

memorabilia 0

Considering the VIP Gift, but also various official souvenirs and memorabilia, bearing the festive logo.

What we made



Case Study & Concept Creation

Creating complete proposals, with accurate data and features, that cover all the needs, considering the identity and the marketing strategy.


Scientific Research & Creation of Communication Material

Extensive Historical Research, production of quality texts and creation of audiovisual material for the targeted presentation of the concept.


Logo and Identity Design

Structured design of the Logo and the integrated Identity that will accompany and mark the 100th anniversary of the institution.


Design of visual, interior and exterior spaces

On-the-spot case study, for the most complete application of the concept’s communication, and design of every artistic and useful construction and installation.