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Istikbal Kimerland

Istikbal Kimerland is a large branch of the global furniture industry, Istikbal, with physical stores in over 9 major Greek cities. Having been our esteemed client for the better part of a decade, we made it our mission to redesign the Istikbal Kimerland e-shop according to the latest eCommerce standards.

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In the digital world, an online store is the first and most essential step for a business, not only to make sales, but also to build a strong bond with its audience, and hence its potential and active customers, through its quality features. This is the context in which we created a modern and effective e-shop for the furniture company Istikbal Kimerland.

  • Strategy

    UX strategy, web design, targeted marketing, marketplace compatibility

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, art direction

  • Content

    Content writing & editing, photo editing

  • Client

    Istikbal Kimerland

Istikbal Kimerland

Design and Development
in full collaboration

The creation of the new e-shop for Istikbal Kimerland required excellent cooperation and parallel development of the functional design and the interactive development of its clean code. These parameters enhanced the visitor’s interaction with the e-shop and optimised the presentation of the products via real parameters’ simulation, corresponding to the physical store!

Creating desire

design and

A fundamental condition, while designing and developing the Istikbal Kimerland e-shop, was the optimised presentation of both the products and their features in the most complete way. For this reason, the digital store gathers all the subcategories of products, but also proposals and full collections, with all the available features and variations, while also providing the ability of searching the specific product of the customer’s desire.

Listening to the customers’ needs

An essential
user-driven design

From the very first moment of accessing the e-shop, to the complete experience of the online purchase and payment, the visitor / potential customer knows, understands and receives clear and active directs to the next step.

The search for the ideal product, its combination with suitable and compatible items, the finalisation of the purchase and the payment; all include the feeling of security and quality of service, just like in the physical store.

Istikbal Kimerland - Κατασκευή Eshop επίπλων
Istikbal Kimerland - Κατασκευή Eshop επίπλων
Istikbal Kimerland - Κατασκευή Eshop επίπλων

Design delivers info

Custom iconography

The special character in the design of the new Istikbal Kimerland e-shop, wasn’t at all limited to custom aesthetics and page design, but extensively spread to the infographic content, such as the category icons.

More than 110 icons were designed, assembling with their graphic lines the info context, to add the immediate information and the immediacy of the design to the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the e-shop.

Standing out from competitors

Quality Content and Compatibility

GDPR and shop policies

Wishlist and compare list integration

Newsletter account setup (Mailchimp)

Abandoned cart automation setup


Google and Facebook sign in

Instagram shopping setup

Price drop automated notification

Google analytics

Social media integration

Skroutz integration

Dynamic remarketing setup


Istikbal Kimerland by numbers.

custom designed pages 0
custom designed pages

Dedicated to visitor’s ease and the optimal presentation of products and company’s information

branding implementation 0
branding implementation

From the different payment options to the courier service’s automations, and from the marketing tools to shopping platforms.

3rd party integrations 0
3rd party integrations

Considering marketing, 3rd party shopping platforms, payment options and automated shipping cost calculation.

active filtering parameters 0
active filtering parameters

Product variations, collections, and many other filtering option are available to the visitor.

What we made



Full Banking and shipping calibration

A simple process that makes it easy for both the admins and the customers.


3rd party commerce platforms ready

An interactive and categorised database with total 3rd party platforms compatibility.


Inspiring and SEO optimised content

Images, design, icons and text are aligned to Marketing, Social Media and Convertion parameters.


Blogging and Content Marketing

A friendly blogging format embedded in the website with active Content Marketing parameters.

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