With the completion of packaging and identity design, it’s time to put Gifted on its own unique digital shelf. Thus, drinkgifted.com came online, without having to envy the slightest of the label’s creativity. The design and development of the website was based entirely on the same philosophy as the product’s packaging. Emphasising on the product itself, through its characteristics, features and ingredients.

The colour palette of the website is in complete compatibility with the one of the product and its labels, emphasising on the optimal visual consistency. With the product itself in both of its versions, the visual presentation of its ingredients, and the well-designed and developed animations, it is for the aesthetics of the website to lead the visitor’s eye to the next element of the content.

In an absolute balance between poetic stories and business presentation, the content of the web site blends harmoniously with the presentation on the product’s labels. Starting with the very idea and its implementation, narrating all the info through the myths and the legend, and a returning to the presentation of the entrepreneurial action, quality content presents all the data and leads to a targeted call to action, in order to secure possible business partnerships.

In a particular design, with complete freedom of structure, it’s quite challenging to develop a website in full compatibility with each possible type of device and browser, so that there is neither the slightest commitment on the access options, nor the slightest concealment of visual content on smaller devices.

The custom design of a single-page presentation gives us total freedom to choose the content that we use to communicate the product and its goals in the most specialised way.
In terms of both content and marketing, the goal of the website is to fully present a project, a product and a philosophy, but also to invite potential partners and encourage them to express their interest.
The integrated approach, as well as the specialised targeting, led to the creation of a parallel blog with practical ideas and recipes, which have this very product as their main ingredient.


Year: 2018
Company type:

Research Website Design