Vasikaridis Handmade Furniture

Vasikaridis Handmade Furniture is a company with an innovative concept in furniture manufacturing, which focuses on materials and design, in order to achieve the originality of the final product. Thus, the corporate identity design was based on two main principles: Our customer philosophy and the characteristics of the material and its products.

The passion for handmade furniture and the minimalistic approach -as per the customers’ wishes- create the most unique products. Artware has chosen to follow the idea of raw material simplicity and the meaning which conveys, and create a renowned corporate identity -logo. The image of a branch marks both the simplicity and minimalist philosophy as well as the immediacy and the importance of the material. The earthy colours of the motifs’ applications create an intimate feeling, which is consistent with the main slogan, “a reason to return home”, and accompanies the entire design.

The desire behind the designing of the new logo of the handmade furniture Vasikaridis company was to create a feeling of direct familiarity between us, our current customers, and every prospective client of the firm, by conveying the important and the essential factors of our customer’s approach on enterprise marketing.

A new, full range of stationery and promotional material was introduced to our clients with great success. Elegant envelopes which resemble of wood, labels and leaflets of exceptional quality, all carry the new company’s logo and are just a sample of the quality we offer. The pride of our designing team, a wooden portfolio instead of a conventional catalogue, is as unique as our products and as bright as our future.

Our goal of designing the products’ catalogue for Vasikaridis Handmade Furniture company was to promote its products in a unique way by promoting their exceptional details. The handmade furniture had to become the main feature by dominating each page, while the margin’s neutral earthy colours do not distract the reader and combine in harmony with the image by highlighting the actual -real- colours of the products. The colour chart that comes with the catalogue is very practical since it can assist the potential customers in having a complete idea of the image of each product and how it could be integrated in their own space.

The finishing touch to the design of the catalogue was the implementation of yet another target: The substantial connection of the catalogue with the product itself. The wooden box-portfolio with the carving of the company’s logo, which contains the catalogue and the colour chart, is as distinctive as the products themselves. This is the latest evidence of the philosophy behind the overall design. The professionalism and practical immediacy merge with the unique details and the refinement, and offer the path of return to the true meaning of home to every potential customer.


Year: 2015
Company type: Handmade Furniture

Research Brand Identity Logo Design