Thiral -a pioneer company in the field of designing and manufacturing aluminium panels, insect screens and door entrances since 1993- has contacted Artware to create their new website with clear communication strategy and targeted quality content. For this reason, Artware has been devoted to designing a personalised website with specific features that aim both to highlight the company itself and, above all, to establish a specialised presentation of the products.

All Artware’s staff has been working for over 500 business hours in order to establish the communication strategy, form the design, create the content, and develop the new website. The result of this process was the design and development of 20+ web pages, excluding the product pages, the design of 25+ custom icons for the needs of the products’ presentation, and the writing of 10,000+ words of quality content and product presentation.


From the very first moment that the visitor checks Thiral’s new home page, the main categories of the products are already available in sight. The very structure of the original design directs them to discover more and more features, with direct reference to any other products they could combine. Thus, through the directness, all the basic information is practically available and easily accessible, without overburdening the visitor.

The specially designed menu of the website includes a specially configured submenu, in which all the product categories and subcategories are presented through their custom icons. It is not irrelevant that they are sub-categorised and presented through groups of common features. As for the internal pages of the products, they include a large amount of information, both in the form of extensive texts and in graphical or even graphical representation.


A website that is dedicated to fully feature the products should include all the elements that will highlight their main features. Thus, the information is not provided only through text and photography, but also through the graphic elements accompanying the products.

For this reason, more than 25 unique and exclusive icons have been designed for the purpose of presentation, having an explanatory role in the categorisation of the products, according to their characteristics. These icons accompany the products in both their entire page and in the original navigation menu.


The composition of quality and descriptive original content could not be absent from this website. Our goal was to provide the visitor of the website with all the information of the products they might be interested in as they proceed in depth towards the products. So, accessing 10,000+ words of pure information and quality content is an enjoyable precedure, as the visitor is deepening towards their exclusive choice.

This approach helps the visitor to focus their attention precisely on what they want, without being confronted with a multitude of information that they have never asked to see. Each category is integrated in such a way that it offers the total introduction to the product’s category, and each subcategory completes all the specific features of the product or product group in request, offering the most specialised information.


The design of Thiral’s new website follows the logic of adapting to each and every type screen, OS and browser version. This is one of the most fundamental factors of unobstructed navigation from both PCs and portable devices; without missing out any information or apply partial presentation. The result of both vertical and horizontal navigation is not only a challenge of aesthetics. In essence, unobstructed navigation allows the visitor to more easily manage a broad set of information.

That’s why the website follows a unique design that complements its responsiveness with the use of retractable elements. The application of both the design and the code was based on the philosophy of the company towards the presentation of the distinctive characteristics of the products and the visitor’s own view.


The essential design of the website, as well as the creation and presentation of the content, aim to highlight the philosophy of the company, through a renewed communication profile, while featuring the products in the most integrated way, highlighting their real characteristics.

Through comprehensive presentation, the website goal is to establish direct communication of the content with the visitor, making immediate reference to the wide range of products, while at the same time increasing the number of direct contacts with the targeted audience of the market.


Year: 2017
Company type: Constructional

Research Website Design