Branding & Package design – “12”

12 Reasons for Branding
A very interesting challenge that goes by the name “12” hit Artware’s door. But why it’s been called 12? In fact, the answer consists of 12 reasons to enjoy the ultimate taste in the city of Drama, 12 divine burger, in an absolute and complete circle of flavors, and – in our case – 12 creative ways to create a unique brand in the burger house category.

Like the bread to the burger
To create a burger you need an excellent foundation; in other words, the bread that will hug the ingredients and tie their flavors. So, in our case, in order to create a corporate identity, you need the idea that can support the consistence of all the “ingredients” of the company. The new burger house in the city of Drama was preparing to open its doors to the public and our challenge was to create the ideal communication strategy that suits it better.

The ingredients

The name 12 is not just a simple reference to neither the burger house’s address, 12 Venizelou st, nor the 12 separate types of burger that the store has. It’s a sense of a divine glorification. It is all that mythical, but also the practical, signs that this number carries; from the divine presence in the ancient Greek mythology, to the completion of a cycle. It is the meaning of the philosophy and a sign of the quality of the products, and, at the same time it is the numerical reference of perfection.

The application

The new corporate identity has been applied to all of the communication and promotional material, the innovative packaging designed by Artware, the decoration of the store, the uniforms and the goods transportation vehicles.

The way of serving

As divine a meal could be, the ultimate delights of pleasure are in the way that it will be served. There lies the visual enjoyment and the content of its “communication strategy”. Keeping in mind that the burger house itself is a result of a very careful process, the result of the branding had to be equivalent to that effort. By having said that, we can tell you the phrase “The brand ties even with the stores tiles”, without even sounding strange at least to ourselves. With a touch of creativity derived from the works of Renaissance and Late Romanticism -but in a much modern presentation- the result reflects all the elements of the relevant aesthetics. Even the pattern of the French black and white tiles, and the font inspired by the one that bears the name of the 18th century French pioneer typographer and engraver, Firmin Didot, complete the application of the brand’s final image.


Year: 2017
Company type: Burger

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