Artware’s design and content creation for the labels of “Rozaki” and “Assyrtiko” products of Tsikrikonis Winery have been awarded the bronze medal in the Olymp Awards – Food and Drinks Competitions!


The Rozaki wine of Kavala seals with its taste one of the most ancient varieties of wine of the area and Artware signs the design of the label for Tsikrikoni’s Winery.

The white background is a mirror of the product’s excellent quality. In the foreground, the letters of the product’s brand name bifurcate over the branch of the grapevine. The discreet presence of all requested information of the product and the original poetic presentation complete the feeling that the customer holds in its hands the last page of a myth routed deeply in both time and soil of the area.


Year: 2016
Company type: Winery, Wine

Research Package design