The company Mr. Iatro, with an active presence in the food industry, producing yeast and baking products since 1982, has challenged Artware to design, create and develop its new website. Considering the extensive product variety and the need of a clear digital profile, Artware undertook the design of a website with an integrated communication strategy. An additional factor in the planning of the strategy was the target audience of the company, consisting mainly of companies in bread industry, hotel services and catering.

Our goal was the complete presentation and promotion of the company, both through its own products and through the purity of the raw materials. The process to achieve this goal was trough the design and development of thematic pages and sub-pages of the website, including the products’ featuring by category, the integrated application of the corporate identity even for the needs of the products, and the extensive photography, for a complete presentation. Finally, special attention was given to the interactive graphic decoration, with custom and integrated applications in the development.


By creating 9 sub-pages for the products, one for each category, the new Mr. Iatro’s website enables the visitor to “isolate” the product and enjoy its complete presentation. In addition, the search for a particular product is more practical and easier due to the smart categorising of the products by the kind of their phyllo pastry or dough. This also makes everything easier in the process of placing large orders of a group of similar products.

The introductory information accompanying each product is extensive and consists of both the presentation of the product itself and the characteristics of the weight, the way of sale, the ingredients of the dough and the filling. With downward scrolling, the visitor will come across detailed instructions for the perfect baking process of each product, as well as suggested and related products, in order to navigate easily to the next one.


A website with an aim to fully present and promote the company through its products should include all the elements that will highlight the products’ quality and characteristics. Thus, professional product photography was one of the most important pieces of the communication strategy.

With extensive product photography, the final result is essentially a complete listing of a products’ visualised catalogue, with complete interactivity. The predominant image of the product itself, in its final form, is accompanied by the details of its raw materials, thus providing the most complete picture of the information needed.


A single image of the product is never enough by itself to highlight its true quality. For this reason, the actual raw materials of each product accompany its image and form the proof of quality, while providing directly the visitor with all the relative information.

Additionally, these quality raw materials also have a decorative role to play in the interactive environment of the website’s graphic applications, even by scrolling down at the home page. Therefore the visitor gets familiar with them by their image, but also, in a more romantic approach, it is for these raw materials that the page is created.


The essential design of the website, as well as the creation and presentation of the content, aim to highlight the philosophy of the company, both through its image and through the quality of its products. The commutation strategy is fully targeted at the company’s market audience with direct reference to each product individually, as well as to sub-categories or even similar product groups.

Through the website the visitor can find in the easiest way the product of their interest and combine it with similar products of each and every category. In addition, they can be sure about the quality of the products and their raw materials, through the description and the image.

Mr Iatro

Year: 2017
Company type: Food

Research Website Design