Kavala AirSea Show

The main challenge for Artware was to create the potential of the most dynamic comeback possible for this year’s Kavala Airsea Show. Thus we focused on redesigning the website of the event in a way that it could promote the beauty and the prestige of the event. We also kept in mind that such a website needed to be compatible with all available access ways.

For this reason Artware renewed the image of the existing site, by adding the all the updated information of the event, and also applied the new graphics, which had been specially created for Kavala Airsea Show 2016. A five-minute video was embedded in the background of the homepage, which is a product of the multiannual coverage of the event by the highly-trained staff of Artware.

On the issue of the unique design of the website, we proceeded with custom design, avoiding ready-made templates, in order to be aligned with the philosophy of the show and the particular characteristics of the brand identity. As to the content, visitors can be informed about the schedule of Kavala Airsea Show and also follow the archives of previous events.

In order to enhance the functionality of the website, Artware applied a responsive design, which allows the page to adjust on the fly with the orientation and the dimensions of each device and program that can be used by visitors. As a result, the website is also mobile-friendly and becomes even more practical.

Finally, the website of Kavala Airsea Show has been SEOptimized by the technical staff of Artware, in order to appear in a higher place at the list of the results of every thematic online search. With this technical adjustment the website of Kavala Airsea Show is directly linked to every relevant search and thereby the number of people who have the opportunity to be informed about this event is drastically increased.

Kavala AirSea Show

Year: 2016
Company type: Annual Event

Research Website Design Website Redesign