Inikon is an active company in the field of providing complete services of manufacturing metal products, covering the needs of the market for structural and technical applications, by having both the equipment and the know-how to meet the highest standards. After the rebranding of the company, and within the broader context of the company’s new communication strategy, Artware has accepted the challenge of designing and developing Inikon’s new website, in order to present and promote the company’s philosophy, its services and its products.


Inikon is characterised by both its Philosophy, consisted of the sectors of Human Values, Quality, Innovation and the Environment, as well as its imprint on the products and services of the company. Therefore the main promotional tool was chosen to be the wide range of the products themselves, as presented via the new website.
All the available products are presented in 8 thematic and categorised subpages, which contain all the useful information of their features, both in text and through a comprehensive photographic presentation. Even from the very first moment, the visitor will be found on Inikon’s new home page, which features some of the main products products even through their artistic placement in the design.


With a specific targeting audience, both the information that accompanies the products and the text as a whole are a result of creating content with specific parameters. Technical terms and information are free from any creative addition, in order to be crystallised and directly absorbed by the professional who visits the website and looks for the exact specifications and of each product.
On the other hand, company presentation’s content, as well as descriptive additions, follow the line and the style dictated by the unique features of the company and its target audience. Thus, the final set is characterised by immediacy in the dissemination of information, as well as originality in order to create a feeling of the familiarity with the reader.


The design of Inikon’s new website follows the logic of adapting to each and every type of screen, OS and browser version. This is one of the most fundamental factors of unobstructed navigation from both PCs and portable devices; without missing out any information or apply partial presentation. The result of both vertical and horizontal navigation is not only a challenge of aesthetics. In essence, unobstructed navigation allows the visitor to more easily manage a broad set of information.
That’s why the website follows a unique design that complements its responsiveness with the use of retractable elements. The application of both the design and the code was based on the philosophy of the company towards the presentation of the distinctive characteristics of the products and the visitor’s own view.


The wide range of the products dictates the need for their extensive presentation both in text and image. For the purpose of the product’s complete presentation, Artware proceeded to photo-shoot and then process a set of more than 100 photos.
As an addition to Inikon’s new website, the photos were used both to meet their original purpose, to present the products themselves, and to create the artistic side of the website, thus their dominant presence provides directly the visitor with all information needed.


The essential design of the website, as well as the creation and presentation of the content, aim to highlight the philosophy of the company, both through its image and through the quality of its products. The commutation strategy is fully targeted at the company’s market audience, with direct reference to those features which are usefull to the professionals of the industry. Through the website the visitor can find in the easiest way the product of their interest and combine it with similar products of each and every category.


Year: 2017
Company type: Constructional

Research Website Design