Cold Brew

The challenge

Artware has developed a cooperative relationship with the café Kafetopio, a place where the customers can enjoy unique varieties of freshly roasted and brewed coffee. Having already designed the corporate identity, its implementations and the unique on-the-go packaging, it was time to design the package for an innovative product of Kafetopio, a bottled cold coffee beverage.

A bottle’s aspect

The uniqueness of the product dictates the particular approach of the pack. So, we chose to build a while philosophy upon the design. Therefore, we focused on the aesthetic style of the first steps of the industrial bottling, with particular reference to early 20th century. A glass bottle, a square label and a metal cap, complete the particular characteristics of the theme.

The implementation

With the option of the average volume of 250ml, we chose the glass bottle, both for the uniqueness and for the best presentation of content. In order to achieve the clear presentation of the bottle’s content we chose a traditional single rectangular, similar to those used in the early 20th century, contributed in the thematic aesthetics by the tricolour printing and the gold-coloured metal cap.

The traditional bottle contains 100% arabica dark coffee and so the label follows the same base colour in order to achieve visual homogenization and highlight the content. The font follows the aesthetic line of the traditional pattern, while the name of the product and the indication “handcrafted” are distinctively features. Considering the product’s name, we followed again the same philosophy. We simply chose the two descriptive words that describe in an absolute way the content: “Cold Brew”; a special cold coffee beverage from Kafetopio.

Cold Brew

Year: 2017
Company type: Coffe

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