Egnatia Aviation, one of Europe's leading Pilot Schools, contacted Artware to renew its corporate identity, within the wider image and communication strategy renewal. Our goal was to turn the corporate identity into a medium that sends a clear and consistent message of "who we are", creating a strong and unified image of the company.
Amongst the very first steps was to redefine the image of the Egnatia Aviation's logo. Through the consolidation of the visual significance of the symbol -by using a square background, the preservation of the angle and the upgrade of its meaning's connection with the company's values- and through the clear presentation of the previously visually degraded name of the company, we achieve a representation of the substance, but also of an image of cohesion, through a more modern and more usable logo.
Egnatia Aviation
Creating Corporate Identity
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Old logo
New logo
The Philosophy
of Re-Branding
Inspired by Egnatia's Aviation most valuable goal, to reduce the gap between training and working as a pilot on a commercial airline.
Lessons Start with A,B,C.
Goal is the Airline
Artware's strategy is built on three strategic points: Logo - Philosophy - Motto. It is a two-way transmission of the meaning, from image to theoretical context and from there to communication. Each of these elements is inherent in the other two, completing a universal picture of clear and targeted communication.
from A to Airline
This very philosophy of Egnatia Aviation is applied to the re-branding. The objective of reducing the distance between the acquisition of a pilot license and the actual job is reflected both in the company's logo, with the geometric tilt of progress, and in the new motto "From A to Airline", stating its immediacy of the procedure.
The motto "From A to Airline" is a comprehensive statement of purpose with generalised targeting, both internal and external. In direct contrast to the phrase "From A to Z", the complete statement of the “destination”, its direct link to the identical first letter, makes clear the immediacy of the process, with a clear reference to the object itself.
colour analysis
The importance of colour is clear, mainly through its role as the official colour of a company. In the case of Egnatia Aviation, this colour is blue. Thus, with its overall use both on the basis of corporate identity and its applications, this colour becomes an official distinctive of the company, and occupies the position of the dominant feature in the recognition and transmission of its messages.
Typography plays an important role in communicating an overall tone and quality. Careful use of typography reinforces our personality and ensures clarity and harmony in all Egnatia Aviation communications. We have selected Brandon Grotesque and Averta, which help us inject quality and enthusiasm into the entire Egnatia Aviation communication strategy.
by Artware
A School in which the internal recipients of the brand's messages change so often, it is essential to be able to communicate in a direct and clear way. For this purpose, the motto and the slogans of the School are highlighted in bold. Bold typography allows better absorption of the messages and therefore it is ideal for promoting the statements, the beliefs and the ideas of Egnatia Aviation.
The renewal of the corporate identity has a second dominant part, which consists of its application in the whole of the printed and digital corporate material of communication. More specifically: Egnatia Aviation's new letterhead follows the lines and the philosophy of the logo, with its tilt angle and the incorporation of the logo itself, features clearly the visual message of the whole design.

The very same philosophy has been applied to both envelopes and business cards of Egnatia Aviation, while it has already been extended to all the student applications and the appearance of the vehicles’ fleet. The universal application of corporate identity in all communication and promotion media contributes to a clear and harmonious image of the Egnatia Aviation's Philosophy -and its meaning- to all the recipients.
The corporate identity was the basis for the design and the development of Egnatia Aviation's new website. Using the official colour of the company, as well as the creative integration of the logo itself, both through its features and through its own elements, the structure of the new website is in itself a clear message for the introduction and the promotion of the new corporate identity.
In the same philosophy Artware designed and developed all the content, avoiding ready-made templates and relying on original creation. Thus, Egnatia Aviation's new communication strategy is directly applicable, through the new, multifunctional website, but also through the ability to constantly add more and more quality content.
Artware's goal of renewing and re-establishing Egnatia Aviation's corporate identity, as well as through the redesign and implementation of the new communication strategy, was to create and consolidate a clear image of quality, while communicating it to the targeted audiences. In the process of promoting and establishing Egnatia Aviation as one of the leading Aviation Academies in Europe, the slogan "Top in Europe" was not only limited to the actual statistics, but it also occupied a dominant position in all communication applications. Moreover the new official motto "From A to Airline" quotes through a simple and comprehensive statement the entire Philosophy of the company.
The crystallisation of all these features, both through the image and through the text, has the overriding aim of establishing the corporate identity itself as a synonym of true quality in the field of Pilot Schools. Through the strategic promotion of all those features, through their universal integration into all applications, Artware achieves the clear and comprehensive transmission of this very information to the audience, using the three strategic points: Logo - Philosophy - Motto.
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Egnatia Aviation

Year: 2017
Company type: Aviation Academy

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