Artware’s design and content creation for the labels of “Rozaki” and “Assyrtiko” products of Tsikrikonis Winery have been awarded the bronze medal in the Olymp Awards – Food and Drinks Competitions!

Assyrtiko – Malagousia

Tsikrikonis’ winery entrusted Artware with the design of its new wine labels Assyrtiko and Malagousia. These new labels are a unique challenge, since they are meant only to be exported to the foreign market.

These new labels will complement a larger wine selection, along with Γηοινος and Ροζακί, labels which were also designed by Artware and formed the successful precursor to the winery’s opening to the international market.

The inspiration

Tsikrikonis’ new wine products are quite special with a unique and characteristic flavour. Thus, the design of the label had to abide by the special characteristics and the unique taste of the product and on the other hand to match with the identity of the common Tsikrikonis’ labels. Therefore, in order to create the appropriate image, we maintained the successful structure and pattern of the Ροζακί label, while, for the design of the main theme, we were creatively inspired by the names of the products.

The unique identity

The main theme of the label is based on the first letter of each wine’s name, and designed by a subtractive deconstruction of the word. The unfussy design represents the purity of the flavour and the quality of the product. A special emphasis was given in the accompanying text. Considering the content and the structure, the poetic approach, was dedicated to the unique characteristics of each wine variety: Malagousia was described as a “sweet, half-forgotten memory” and a “desire” because of the revival of its cultivation, a step before extinction, while Assyrtiko was presented as the “sweet and sour touch of wind”, because, although it needs dry and warm climate, warmer air currents can destroy it.


Year: 2017
Company type: Wine

Label Design
Package Design