Behind the project of Villa Arethousa
The challenge

The most significant challenge was to create a name worthy of the luxury which is provided by this two-story villa. Our objective was to convey a message consisted of two main factors: The complexity of luxury and the simplicity of enjoyment. Even though these two concepts seem to be opposite, in fact they are the ultimate combination which assures a unique experience.

The approach

Our approach to this project was precisely based on those two factors. Although a simple presentation of Villa Arethousa’s facilities would had been enough to convince even the most demanding audience, Artware invested on strategic presentation by adding a description to each image and an optical reference to each fact. By this combination we have achieved an integrated presentation of both the uniqueness of the site and the plenitude of services offered.

The result

The creation and promotion of an image worthy of circumstances resulted in the achievement of booking fullness even during the first operating season of Villa Arethousa. The public accepted our challenge to live a bit of the myth and a full of unique and relaxing experiences reality.

The myth and the name combined

The mythical nymph Arethusa, the source of fresh water, was an object of desire for the river god Alpheus. Her futile attempt to escape, crossing the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, ended in a unique symbolism, a mythical image assembled by the mixture of fresh and salty water.

Nymphs have always been a mystical symbol of joy and rejuvenation. They have always found shelter in areas of unique beauty and significant aquatic environment. N. Iraklitsa, the location of Villa Arethousa, was also a famous shelter of the mythical nymphs. Therefore, Villa Arethousa couldn’t be represented by a more fitting name than this, dedicated to the beauty of both myth and reality.

The villa’s branding could not remain unaffected by the mythical background of Alpheus and Arethousa’s erotic game. The two A letters, joined in an almost ceremonial spin, form a symbol of completeness. The logo also describes the perfection of the offered services, which invite the visitor to live a unique experience.

Villa Arethousa

Year: 2016
Company type: Luxury VIlla

Research Brand Identity Logo Design