The architecture, the myth, the challenge

Villa Arethousa is the ideal destination for those who seek a luxurious vacation lifestyle. Its uniqueness is derived from the combination of the picturesque landscape of the area with its magnificent mythological background. The main challenge Artware had to face was to design a website that could promote the beauty and the prestige of this two-storey villa.

Addressing the unique

For this reason Artware proceeded with custom design, avoiding ready-made templates, in order to be aligned with the philosophy and the particular characteristics of Villa Arethousa’s image. The professional photos of the villa are complimenting the presentation, while capturing all the magic and beauty of both the villa and the surroundings.

On the issue of website’s functionality, Artware applied a responsive design, which allows the page to adjust on the fly with the orientation and the dimensions of each device and program that can be used by visitors.

The finishing touch of Artware’s creativity was the SEOptimization, in order to attract more visitors. Villa Arethousa’s website, enhanced by SEO mechanics, now appears higher in search results list and achieves higher standards in marketing criteria.

Savouring the taste of success

When the numbers speak for themselves... Villa Arethousa was fully booked since the very first season of operating, which is the only expectable outcome when a website is designed by experienced professionals.

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Villa Arethousa

Year: 2016
Company type: Luxury VIlla

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