The main challenge for Artware was to create an innovative website for Alumik, following the philosophy and the main marketing characteristics of the company. Additionally, keeping in mind the width and the range of the company’s potential customers, the website should be fully informative about the variety of both products and services provided by Alumik.

On the issue of the unique design of the website, we proceeded with custom design, avoiding ready-made templates. The information provided by each category is complimented by both interactive and static visual material, which allows the visitor and potential customer to be totally informed about the products, the services and the completed projects of the company.

Considering functionality and accessibility, we followed a responsive design procedure, which allows the page to adjust on the fly and match with the orientation and the dimensions of each device and program that can be used by visitors. As always, the finishing touch of Artware’s creativity was the SEOptimization of the website in order to achieve higher standards in marketing criteria.


Year: 2016
Company type: Aluminum extrusion

Research Web Design