Alma Keramidi

Alma Keramidi is a ceramic tile manufacturing company, which follows innovative crafting techniques. Artware accepted the challenge to create a website in accordance with the philosophy of the company, by applying innovative techniques to web design.

Artware chose to follow a custom design procedure, avoiding ready-made templates, in order to maximise the liberty of creation and follow the guidelines of the company’s image. One the issue of functionality, the dynamic one-page-scroll-down design serves the purpose of universal adaptability, combined with responsive design, which allows the page to adjust on the fly with the orientation and the dimensions of each device and program that can be used by visitors.

Artware also created a 3D interactive presentation model of Alma Keramidi’s main product, in order to provide a comprehensive presentation, combined with all provided information. The final step of creating a unique and practical website for Alma Keramidi Company was the SEOptimazation by Artware’s developing stuff, in order to create a more effective Internet marketing strategy.

Alma Keramidi

Year: 2016
Company type: Ceramic tile manufacturing

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