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For us, in Artware, photography is not just the procedure of capturing the moment. It is the result of artistic and technical medium of communication. Each and every photograph is a result of visual and communication design strategy. In any case, we know the factors that shape the perfect image and how to communicate it to the viewer, in order to secure its decision on choosing one product over another.
Food products photography
Food photography demands special care to provide the viewers with a flawless result of a mouth-watering shoot. A plate or even a separate product can be a wonderful piece of art, only by just securing all the required parameters. In Artware we know everything about food photography preparation techniques and we create a flawless food styling with the assistance of our own collaborating chef.
Products photography
The needs and the specific characteristics of each product are the factors that dictate the ideal way of the photo shooting. Whether to be featured on your company’s website and eshop, or to be promoted via social media and your printed catalogues, in Artware we know the best photo shooting approach that will make your product stand out from the rest of the competition.
Tourism facilities photography
In the field of tourism facilities photography Artware’s lens focuses on location, comfort, relaxation and the unique services offered to the visitor. This is how we create a “virtual vacation” for the viewer, who can enjoy a presentation of the scenery, the facilities and the perception of its accommodation, even before choosing the destination.
Video production
Logic and emotion in creative motion: this is our motto when it comes to video production. Considering the script, the directorial creation, their implementation, filming and editing, Artware applies knowledge, creativity and passion in the composition of the most direct visual media. Communicate the ideas and values of your company in the most complete and effective way.
Artware provides you with its photographic services also in a private and fully equipped indoor studio of 200 square meters, with instant creation and adjustment of photometric conditions. Modern technology, complete equipment and the personal care of the perfectly qualified staff form the ideal conditions for the most complete visual communication of your company’s philosophy, products and services.


How much does it cost?

Products photo-shooting is a quite complex matter in terms of the costing. This is because there are many factors that can affect the cost. From the simplest and easiest to understand, such as the product itself, the quantity and the volume, up to how demanding is the texture of the material, whether and how much additional processing is needed, as well as external factors such as the preparation required and whether photo-shooting will take place in open or closed space, or even if it will be within or outside Artware’s studio.

Where can the photo-shooting take place? Do you have a studio?

Artware owns a fully equipped closed studio of 200 square meters, able to develop and provide the appropriate conditions for each photo-shooting; so, you can choose a completely secure setting, with ideal conditions and equipment integrity. In any case, we give you the option to choose your own area instead, if conditions demand it.

Who owns the rights to the work you do for clients?

Once full payment has been received, the client owns the rights of the photographs. We photo-shoot for you and it has no value to anyone else other than you.

Do you deal with photo-shooting outside of Kavala?

Of course we do! We can come to your place, wherever you are. You just have to call us at 0030 2510 223879 and discuss about the details.

Why to photo-shoot my business too? Isn't the product enough?

We can proceed with combined presentation of the production process and the final product, in order to emphasise on the advantages over the competition. Moreover, many times, and particularly in the case of food products, the customer feels more familiar with a product by also seeing the people who produce it.

Do you prepare / cook the food products? Do you take care of the food styling?

We care for the food products because they deserve the most delicious presentation. For this reason, we collaborate with a qualified chef who takes care of every production’s detail and appearance matter. Therefore, by cooking the product and by taking care of the final food styling, we want to provide you with excellent results, which make difference.

I would like to use you video production services, but I would like to know what you could offer me.

In Artware, we offer you the full pack of video services. Considering the script, the directorial creation, their implementation, filming and montage, we take care of every single bit of video production and editing.

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