Research & package design for products

The package is definitely one of the most significant factors in promoting a product. The product makes the visual difference on the shelf catches the eye of the customer.

Therefore a fancy packaging is the best option to go with, isn’t it? No, not really! The design of a product’s package is not just a creation of a fancy cover. Artware’s designing process follows two main factors: Aesthetics and functionality; caring for the final result of the packaging, in order to be able to achieve a fully promotional presentation of the product and, at the same time, preserve its quality.

The first step is research on the details of the product and all the information about the existing competitive market.

In order to ensure the success of the packaging design, the second step is all about the unique characteristics of the product. In this step we ensure that the final result will meet all the demanding details and present the product by featuring its unique characteristics.

The third and final step is the designing part. Taking into consideration both the results of the previous two steps and the corporate identity itself, we create the most suitable packaging in order to ensure the most successful promotion and the quality of the product.

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