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News Feed 05/2017: Extreme Creative Conditions by Artware

Last days of May 2017, and this was a month of intense weather, hot at the beginning and intense rain at the end. It was quite similar to the moodiness and the anxiety of some people who run in panic at the gym just to get ready for the summer. In Artware, on the contrary, the “inner weather” remained steadily clear, with increased creativity flows and and the “working temperature” being at high levels for the season. And this is how the list of Active Projects goes:

Θερμοπλαστική Α.Β.Ε.Ε.
#WebDesign #Logo_Re-establishment #Content_Strategy

One of the largest industries in the field of integrated applications based on aluminum and synthetic plastic polymer (uPVC) triggers intense creativity to all Artware staff. The graphic designers have to deal with both the “freshening” of the logo and the design of the company’s new website, the programming department is just about to compose unstoppably code for the applications of the website and the department of creative content is getting ready to swim in the sea of the texts which will be included in the new website of Thermoplastiki. Thermoplastiki Project is a work in progress and it is expected to evolve in a phenomenon of extreme creative conditions in the fields of Marketing and Communication for both the company itself and the presentation of its products.

Θερμοπλαστική - Σχεδιασμός Καταλόγου προϊόντων
Egnatia Aviation

Egnatia Aviation
#Total_[Re-]Branding #WebDesign #Marketing Strategy #Content Strategy

The extent of the creative phenomenon called “Project: Egnatia Aviation” has begun to give the first substantial samples with increased focus on Branding and Marketing strategy, since the design of the new corporate identity, as well as its presentation, have been accomplished. The predisposition of this creative phenomenon was clear and it is expected to affect all the departments of Artware in the near future, since the construction of the new website has already begun and the new corporate identity applications have already been running alongside the development of a new communication strategy.

Αλλαντικά Ανανιάδης
#Design_Νέος_Κατάλογος_Προϊόντων #Photography #Content_Marketing

The “flavourful phenomenon” of Ananiadis gives significant samples of its intensity to the creative staff of Artware (while activating the team’s salivary glands, especially during “difficult” midday hours). Photo shooting of the products and the design of the new catalog demand a delicate approach and targeted creativity from photography, graphics design and content creation departments.

Ananiadis - Ιστοσελίδα, Κατάλογος, Λογότυπο
12 burgers

#Branding #Design #Photography #Marketing_Strategy

In the same category of the phenomena that activate our team’s salivary glands belongs the Project of burger house 12 in Drama, Greece. Artware’s team has accepted the challenge of the branding and the implementation of the new corporate identity both in packaging and clothing, and at the store. The photoshooting of the products, the presentation and the overall marketing and communication strategy through the image, will follow shortly.

Kavala AirSea Show
#Design #WebDesign

Another intense creative phenomenon that makes us look high in the sky is Kavala AirSea Show, which is coming back in the summer of 2017. Artware remains a loyal partner and supporter. The redesign of the new promotional material and the renewed website of the Show have already set Artware’s creativity in a take-off procedure.

Kavala Airsea Show
Christian Artesio

Christian Artesio
#WebDesign #Photography #Content_Marketing

The Christian Artesio phenomenon has long been staying in Artware’s plans. The cosmetics company recently acquired its new custom website with a complete presentation of both its products and its network, while its intense creative phenomena are currently limited to the programming department as the code is being applied to the company’s integrated e-shop design. With the completion of both product photography and graphic design of the two websites, and the creation of the specialised texts, the rest staff of Artware expresses their sincere sympathy to the developers, and wishes them the best for a joyful implementation of the code.

Athan. Yinikopoulos Sons G.P.

#[Re-]Branding #WebDesing #Marketing_Strategy #Content_Marketing #Photography

The trading and processing company of Athan. Yinikopoulos Sons G.P.began to trigger the first creative phenomena in Artware’s design department. The first steps for creating a new integrated communication strategy have already been made, straight after the creation of the company’s new corporate identity. Strategic planning is expected to engage more Artware’s staff in this creative phenomena and it’s only a matter of time to extent also to other departments.

Inikon - Σχεδιασμός Καταλόγου και Ιστοσελίδας
Artware Content

Artware: A new Content Marketing Service #ArtwareCM
#Content_Marketing #New_Service

In May, Artware completed the planning process and the strategy design of an innovative Content Marketing Service named #ArtwareCM. We have already started to offer our support to our partners, considering Content Marketing & Content Management.

That’s all the news about the intense creative phenomena at Artware in May 2017. All the team is looking forward to an exceptionally pleasant June, which may even last longer than its 30 calendar days. More updates later, at the next Artware News Feed post.