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A WordPress website

Creating a website by using WordPress and freedom of choice

By creating a website, the only limitation we want to meet is the boundaries of imagination and creativity. We are those people who don’t want to face any other artificially -and in this case technical- limits.

Every person has their own needs, and each identity has its own characteristics. Those ready-to-use web templates have little conversion capabilities, so they are not ideal to meet each specificity. In this case, our only choice is to avoid such a reproduction.

However, the necessity of unique creation and design is not exclusively based on the need of particular presentation of each case. It has also to do with something even more important, which does not seem noticeable at first glance: The presence of a person or business on the internet demands a communication channel created in specific and unique characteristics.

And when we talk about the presentation of a person via the web, and by avoiding any technical terms of communication, we are concerned about the image presented to the public. It is perfectly reasonable that you have not thought about it. The internet looks like a theatrical stage and not a showcase. The visitor of the website should have access to every option. They should be able to check each element on the “stage” and critically react with all the provided options. The only difference is that the “ticket” is paid after watching the “spectacle”.

So, our goal is the “spectacular”, but not excessive, presentation. The spectacle is defined as something worthy of being watched by the audience, something that can catch the viewer’s eye, which can reflect their own desires to choose it over the competition.

One of our basic webdesign tools is WordPress. This gives us the freedom to build the structure and content according to the requirements, without sacrificing any essential details. We represent the new perception: a website has to be direct and form a channel of communication with the visitor. In which other way could we be more comprehensible to the visitor of the website?
With the completion of the site design and the strategic choice of content placement, the image of the site should remain clear, comprehensible and complete. This means that there is no room for unnecessary ready-made elements and features.

The freedom in creation provided by WordPress is one of the most important benefits of using this platform. From backend design to management, WordPress includes a wide range of quick options available to the creator or the administrator. This helps the creator to design every single part of the website exactly as needed and the administrator to apply any changes in the easiest way. Moreover, the compatible additional tools allow us to design the website with the secure interconnection of any required applications. Additionally, on the matter of site’s content update, the platform allows connection from any computer or device, or even the use of multiple accounts. Finally, WordPress is proven to be the most search engine friendly platform, providing the easiest SEOptimisation way.