E-Commerce is an excellent digital multi-tool for your business. Considering e-commerce, there is a slight chance that someone may mistake with the process of running a time-consuming online store which demands more than what it offers. In Artware we know the right approach. We create the material and the conditions that, not only match to the scenario of the useful digital multi-tool but also secure the standards of a strategic investment in the areas of promotion and marketing communications.
In Artware we design your e-commerce strategy and we have the recipe for a successful e-shop. But, it is important that we go one step further by covering your needs in management and maintenance. From technical assistance to designing your e-commerce strategy, we have the knowledge, the answers and the solutions, providing you with unmatched comprehensive support.

E-commerce development & implementation services we offer:
• Strategy
• E-Commerce design
• E-Commerce development
• Photography
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Media Campaigns
• Digital Marketing Campaigns
• Inbound Marketing
• Testing & Optimization
• World Top Hosting
• Unmatched Support
• Before and After Sales Consulting
Digital creation
In the process, we gather all the information about your needs, the specific characteristics of your products and services, and the data of the target market, in order to create an appropriate interface for your business. Ensuring the strategic presentation and the active promotion of your image, we proceed with design of your online store itself. Apart from the practical optimization, we secure all data processes with firewall and security software, which are defined by the highest international standards, while data transmissions are limited exclusively within our dedicated servers.
Training & Support
And after creating the e-shop, what? An online store has the same needs with a conventional; it requires knowledge and constant care. In Artware we stand beside you, to show you how it works, and we continue to support you in all technical and substantive operational issues. Our approach emphasises the assumption that in Artware you will find complete support for each and every step, as if we were your in-house staff.
Marketing Strategy
Marketing strategy defines the wider context of your presentation and promotion. By analysing all specific the data, we aim for the best result. We customise your digital image in order to be fully compatible with the needs of your customers and your target market. Thus, your online store will be a destination of direct interest to your customers and will encourage them to return again for their next purchase.
Online Campaigns
An online campaign is the modern way of presentation and promotion, via direct market targeting. This is possible to happen through the data analysis and the personalized promotion of your products and services to a specifically related with them target group. Via active presentation we multiply not only traffic, but also the shopping activity of your online store.
Article Writing
We give significant importance to the text, the quality of the content identified with the integrity of the presentation. It is the essence of speech is that which can reveal the image. We take care of the creation and editing of any kind, style and use texts, direct compatibility with SEO and requirements of personalized marketing services. From creative writing an article, by targeted marketing presentation at Artware know how.
Newsletter Marketing
If you are interested in spam mail, then you're in the wrong place. Newsletter marketing is a two-way channel of communication with the customer. It is the essential presentation of products and services which could meet their needs. A presentation, which is accomplished through targeted marketing promotion. In Artware we care about the quality of the content, both in taste and in coordination with marketing strategy.
Optimization & A/B Testing
With a precondition of secure transactions and simple purchasing process, we ensure the correct functionality of your e-shop in every single detail. We apply all possible technical optimization, running A/B Tests, in order to maximise the effect of visitor's interest. Our goal is to establish a safe and pleasant interface for you and your customers.
We’ve got you covered!
We are the kind of agency that never let your hand; we fully support and consult your business. Think of us like your in-house IT Department; you can literally call us 20 times per day and we will offer you true technical support and answer all your questions.


What does E-Commerce include?

E-commerce is the integrated digital marketing policy of your company. It roughly includes the design and the development of your e-shop, your advertising campaign on social networks and the whole online marketing strategy. You have to keep in mind that e-commerce will be exactly adapted to the needs of your business and it will function as a digital multi-tool on promotion, advertising and sales.

Why should I choose Artware?

By choosing Artware, you should be sure that there will always be someone with expertise and experience on your side, in order to solve any technical issues, to share advises and plans with you considering your goals and the strategy by which you will achieve them. Moreover, you can call us whenever you need it! There will always be a happy team member to help you with your task.

How long will it take to complete my e-shop?

Most e-shops can be fully integrated in a period of 4-8 weeks. Nevertheless, some companies may need to communicate a much larger information base. In these cases we may need a little bit more time to complete their professional e-shop.

My e-shop is ready; will it make profit on its own?

An online store has the same needs with a conventional; it requires knowledge and constant care. In Artware we stand beside you, in order to provide you with training and any information that will make the whole process much easier.

How much do you charge to design and develop an e-shop?

In Artware we design and develop e-shops exactly for your needs. The cost depends entirely on the needs and individual characteristics. Just send us a message and we will draw up an estimate for free.

How much do you charge to create an online campaign?

We will not speculate on this. Call us at 0030 2510 223879. We will be more than happy to discuss all of your needs and work with you to put together a detailed scope. We will plan all the required movements for a comprehensive and effective online marketing strategy.

How safe is an e-shop for my sales?

Technically speaking, Artware eliminates the risks. We secure all data processes with firewall and security software, which are defined by the highest international standards, while data transmissions are limited exclusively within our dedicated servers.

What’s the difference between an online campaign and me, posting my products on social networks?

It’s exactly the same difference between the sun and the moon. Yes, we want your campaign to be attractive and targeted, comprehensive and productive. A simple post -or a repost- really doesn’t work. We propose comprehensive solutions and targeting actions, by using the right digital tools. Just let us do it professionally and you will see the difference.

What do you mean that you can write texts for me?

In Artware you can find qualified staff in the field of writing, composing and editing any kind of text and for any professional use. Considering an impeccable scholarly editing, creative composition, combined with target marketing and SEO, we know how to cover each and every need of your company.

Can you optimise my e-shop?

There are quite many tests that we could run in order to see what’s going on with your e-shop; and we definitely know a few tricks to solve each and every problem or malfunction, in order to optimise your current e-shop. However, the best results could only be achieved by designing a new e-shop, which follows every step of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in a new e-shop give our strategy department a call at 0030 2510 223879 to get started. We will be more than happy to discuss all of your needs and work with you to put together a detailed scope. Once signed off on we will begin the design of your new website and keep working with you from there.

My business isn't in your city; can you still build my e-shop?

Yes. We design and develop e-shops for clients across Greece and even on a worldwide basis.

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