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The customer always votes for quality

And while the French presidential elections belong to the recent past, a point of particular interest is the communication strategy chosen by the two candidates in the second round. The first to notice the extraordinary strategy was the Spanish newspaper El País with a related article, just to confirm that everything moves around marketing. The way that the two candidates presented themselves in the final days of their campaigns was something really new in the field of election marketing.

In the promoting material of both Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen there was a significant omission: There was absolutely no reference to their political parties. On the contrary, there was only the main photograph of the candidate, accompanied by five words. In the first case it was “Together, France! Emmanuel Macron” and in the other “Choose France / Marine President”.

Their communication tricks go even deeper, as, on the one hand, Le Pen wanted to be cut off from both her party’s ideology and her father’s political legacy, by leaving out even her surname from the posters; on the other hand, centrist-left Macron chose to subconsciously “flirt” with centre-right voters, as the slogan “Together, France” is something that reminds of Chirac’s “France, together” and Sarkozy’s “Together, everything is possible“.

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And this is the point where someone might take the argument: “Why should I care about political posters and slogans?”. Well, we have just only to repeat that everything is about marketing. Here we can clearly see the two candidates being presented to voters in the most marketised way, by which only two products with the same target market could have been presented. Especially when this target audience consists of about 48,000,000 prospective customers (since this is the number of the registered voters in the French electoral rolls).

But let’s sum up. We have two “products” which, for different reasons (and a common one) hide their “manufacturing company”, are presented by the same medium, with 2 out of 3 words of their slogans common, with the same advertising strategy and addressed to the same market audience, by only featuring their own quality and their specific characteristics.

In fact, and in terms of marketing, this is usually happens when two competing companies try to promote a similar new product to the same market audience. Branding should be so strong that the image and the quality of the product will outweigh the company’s own image. How many times have we witnessed the usual marketing battle between an iPhone and a Galaxy S, with the names of Apple and Samsung, being only noticed in the background? This happens because the customer is always being asked to “vote” for product’s quality and specific characteristics.

To this effect, whether it’s a small business that is just starting out, or an already successful grand corporation, it’s important to create and promote a clear identity. And when we talk about identity, there is an identical concept that should always be in the back of your mind and it is no other than: Philosophy.

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A company should know where it is and why it is there, to whom it speaks and how it can do it effectively. In other words, it should obviously know its products, services, customers, but also the style it should use, the language, the approach, the words, and how it will be presented from the very first contact with the customer, up to that moment that it will invade in the customer’s everyday life as an advertisement. In other words, a company should have and present a complete personality.


Vote at first sight…

Let’s set the scene: Think of going out for coffee with a friend of yours, and next to your table, a friend of your friend is passing by. For the sake of the article, let’s call him Anaximenes. Anaximenes (not the pre-Socratic philosopher, but your friend’s friend) does not seem to have anything interesting to say. And indeed, he stands beside your table, rendering incomprehensible and insubstantial information for a long time, resulting in nothing more (or less) than an inconvenient and tiring situation. You already know that Anaximenes could never become your friend. Never, full stop, period, the end… This is precisely the procedure required to let customers create in their mind an image of your company, decide whether they like it or not and if they will prefer your products.

What does this Corporate Personality Include?

Whether we are talking about a corporate identity, a brand, a philosophy, or a corporate personality, we should keep in mind a complete set of data consisting of the following components:

Artware - Branding, Packaging, Website, Editorial
A unique voice

As the tone and colour of your voice works, as your personal way of expression, so does your marketing strategy. No, we are not telling you this in order to make write all the communicative material of your business by yourself. We take this as an example. A business should have its own distinct and qualitative voice that will make it stand out. Under ideal conditions, the consumer should know your company by even listening to the ad or reading a text of yours, before even seeing your logo.


A visualised content

As you cannot form a complete picture of someone by just watching at its shoes, so you cannot have the complete picture for a company by watching only at its logo. Things are a bit more complicated. It takes an homogenised style and a whole identity, from the color combination and the theoretical background to the application of the overall and essential image.


An essence in theory and in practice

The uniqueness that should characterise your communication (and practical) design should come out of the paper (or the computer screen) and be become reality. This will allow you to present to the consumer the wanted image of a business with consistent and integrated dedication to its goals. As it also happens in interpersonal relationships, there is no way to co-operate with people who say empty words and false promises just to impress, so the customers can leave very easily if there is no consistency between the words and the actions of a business.


A vision

As much as we do not like to start with two negative statements: No, we do not tell you to imagine how you will become the next Apple. We can happily announce the the existing …iznogoudism has ceased to exist and to be considered a regular marketing strategy since last century. Therefore, your main goal should be the best version of you! Your vision should be based on how you will create a company as a complete and successful as possible, but also how you will make your customers see it.


We use to saying that we are in the age of the spectacle. The truth is that this time has two parameters to define it: the product and the audience. Since you are on the side of the product, we want to share a secret with you: The only factor the can make someone sand out from a homogeneous set is quality. Quality is an investment that is always consistent in paying back the capital you dedicate to it. Vote for quality._