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They say that you are too expensive in Branding…

Why this entire fuss about the price of Branding? Mr. George, the butcher of your neighbourhood, is more expensive than the one two neighbourhoods away, because he offers certified products. What’s his job? In general, he uses sharp tools and opens meat. Dr. Bill, the surgeon on the third floor, also uses sharp tools and opens meat. Do they do the same job?

But let’s leave this entire splatter behind us. The meaning lies exactly where it should be. The customer  that came in contact with the services of a professional, is able to recognise them by the name of their company or their store, by their logo or by the slogan; in other words, the customer has a complete picture of all the features that make up this company’s or shop’s profile. But, is this enough? Or even more: Is this the factor that makes the difference? The answer is clear: If your company was a book, then everything that we’ve mentioned above is just the ISBN on its last page. And so we fall into the classic case: Customers that hear about something new, they can be “enchanted” and turn their back on their “well-known” store-company. But why is this happening?

Have you noticed the detail in the previous paragraph? There is a key phrase: “to hear about something”. You may really have all the means and all the experience to attract new customers, but the lack of proper communication neither allows you to create an extraordinary experience for your customers, nor to make it known to others. But the issue is not just how to communicate properly, but also whether you have the right material for this marketing process. And speaking of the right material, we refer to the real image and the integrated philosophy of a company.

That’s exactly the point. It’s not just a logo. It is a complete corporate identity and an integrated communication strategy. No business can communicate its identity from scratch by using just its logo. But let’s begin from this simple matter: To create a logo requires a drawing program and some spare time, right? Yes, just as a firework requires simply the sky and a lighter…

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First things first: The entire process begins through a single meeting, which includes the gathering of all required information about that particular company. But still this s a process that takes a lot of time and maybe more than one meetings. Collecting and processing all these data leads to the next step, which includes the process of forming a theoretical basis, on which we should move both visually and communicatively. The next step is the most difficult and it’s all about estimating the duration the project, and it is followed by the process of designing of the first patterns of the logo, having as a basic goal the most complete representation of company’s quality characteristics. With the completion of the process of perfecting the design and its possible different applications, -and by also shorting out secondary matters such as selecting, creating, or buying the appropriate font- the process of applying the logo to the created corporate identity begins. This step clearly includes all that quality creative content, but also the whole corporate identity communication plan.


This is basically, in very general terms, the process, but definitely each case requires a different approach and focus. Could anyone who just knows how to handle a drawing program do it? The answer is rather clear. They could design a logo in their personal taste -without being related to the qualities of the business- and perhaps pass it through a variety of applications, with seemingly -and only seemingly- low cost. (We will come back to this “-and only seemingly-“.)

However, if you appeal to a professional, the cost is seemingly higher. But, why? Obviously, you are asking for a complete creation, which will concern both the professional themself and their staff, since the specialisation is what provides you with top results. So, let’s make it clear straight from the beginning: By appealing to a professional, you are buying an integrated service, based on knowledge, equipment and professional experience. This service not only includes “the use of a program and a little spare time”, but professional dedication and expert knowledge of how the final result will fully reflect the whole philosophy and how to communicate it better to the target audience, while offering support and possible guidance.

Artware - Branding, Packaging, Website, Editorial

But let’s go back to this “-and only seemingly-“. How much does it real cost? Looking for a corporate identity and finding someone who, even with a tenth of the real price, creates a logo for you, in fact you will have to pay a lot more -at least the whole value of the corporate identity you will eventually need to create, plus -at least- the one tenth you’ve already paid for the first unsuccessful design.

All those potential customers who will not take you seriously, as well as those who will not be able to reach you, should be added to this bill. You can also add the frequent adjustments and modifications of the logo, because “something simply does not work”. Last but not least, it has to be taken into account the indirect cost in practice of constantly attracting the wrong audience, which doesn’t have the simplest intention to make a purchase, or even worse, an audience that is not driven by your marketing to make a purchase.

Simply put, when you hire a professional to create your corporate identity, it’s not only about the design, the case study, and the implementation, but it is also about the integrated process that makes the brand known to the right audience and directs it to your company’s services and products. In other words, you create your own Philosophy and communicate it in the most complete way to the right audience.