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Leading you to a brand new success._

Artware is an award-winning and ISO certified creative agency, always ready to create your new visual communication & marketing experience, including your new brand, website, eshop, marketing strategy and packaging design. Still though, we try to keep things simple, at least for our customers. We approach every single challenge in creative mode, embracing the chaos of the emotions with the strict and crystal-clear forms of rationality. This is always the path leading to success.


Who works
with us?


Corporations & Industries

No matter how complex and demanding a project is, we know how to manage the information and create the optimum result.


New entrepreneurship & Pioneers in Business

Knowledge and experience: The two keys factors that allow us to start from the beginning and reach the end, while offering guidance and advice.


Those who appreciate good design

Our goal is to reach uniqueness through the elements of quality and originality in every single project; and we are more than happy to share a common point of view with our customers.


Other Agencies

There is a pleasure in creative competition, but an even more important pleasure lies in creative collaboration. And that’s something we creatively adore.

Awards & honours

Awards won by our team

It’s not the award itself that matters -it does- but the reason, the vision and the toil behind the project. Of course, it feels wonderful to be presented with a sparkly award, almost as wonderful as presenting the final deliveries of a unique and innovative project.

Our Team

A dedicated, hand-picked team of specialised experts, ready and waiting for your next project.

Flexible and adjustable to your needs, Artware’s team combines cold pragmatic data with unbridled creativity, aiming to realise your vision. And here we are:

  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Brand Strategists
  • Content Creators
  • Project Managers
  • Photographers
Nick Savvopoulos
Nick Savvopoulos

Creative Director - CEO

Maria Chatzicharalampous Savvopoulou
Maria Chatzicharalampous Savvopoulou

Managing Director

Achilleas Savvopoulos
Achilleas Savvopoulos


Alex Cokka
Alex Cokka

Senior Graphic Designer

Vagelis Boultoukis
Vagelis Boultoukis

Senior Web Developer

Stamatis Tentsios
Stamatis Tentsios

Senior Web Designer / UI&UX

Ioannis Vanakakis
Ioannis Vanakakis

Content Creator & Strategist

Nick Eglezos
Nick Eglezos

Wordpress Developer

Evi Kardasoudi
Evi Kardasoudi

Graphic Designer

Konstantinos Karanikolas
Konstantinos Karanikolas

Frontend Developer

What we do

The creative aspect
of your vision is here!

Every aspect of your success story can be shaped by the creativity of Artware’s staff. We are working on your vision, dedicated to offering you the complete experience, in the simplest and most effortless way for you.

Vision & Strategy

Aggregating creative

Studio tour

Our Creative Concept

Creative ethos

Adapting knowledge and experience into the forms and the shapes of the most dedicated strategy.

Inspiring environment

We could say that Artware’s studio is an altar of inspiration, but it would be more poetic than what marketing could handle.

Innovative uniqueness

In people we trust, and thus we coordinate our unique creativities through strategy and innovation, in order to reach an original and unparallel result.

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