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The Kyvo Experience Project: Hotel Branding and Web Design

Το Kyvo Experience Branding και Web Design Project

Welcome to our new project of Branding and Web Design & Development of a WordPress Website for the tourism company Kyvo Experience, a modern family-friendly holiday resort in Skala Potamias, Thassos. The challenge in creating the corporate identity, but also the philosophy behind the design and development of the website for this tourist accommodation establishment, followed a common creative philosophy with the structured image and the communication strategy of this unique holiday resort.

In other words, the architectural concept, as designed and implemented by the Architect – Decorator Yiannis Pouspourikas, attributed to the tourist accommodation facilities of Kyvo Experience the aesthetics of the cube, with minimal lines and materialistic naturalness. Thus, respectively, the creation of the corporate identity and the overall implementation of Branding and Communication Strategy were established on the aesthetic basis of the cube and its visual alignment with the overall philosophy of the tourism business, according to the latest trends of Hotel Branding and Web Development.

For the design of the tourist accommodation’s website, Artware followed the minimal, but not indifferent line of a modern website, adding SEO-friendly quality copywriting and content. Thus, web design and copywriting followed precisely the characteristics of the target audience, focusing on the parameters of a modern, family-based target group, that seeks autonomy and luxury during its holidays.

The website was developed on WordPress, combined with the implementation of integrated hotel management applications, such as room management system (Smart Booking) and Channel Management. In addition, for the complete presentation of the resort through its website, Artware ran a professional photography session of the tourist accommodation facilities, studios and maisonettes of the Kyvo Experience resort.

Thus, the construction of the website for this tourism business works as a digital multitool for its promotion, but also a smart booking platform to serve all the needs of booking, room reservations and management.