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How do I properly introduce my products to my customers?

This is certainly a question that definitely demands a comprehensive answer. Let’s figure it out! You know you have a very good product, you have invoiced it fairly enough and now you are looking for the most appropriate way to present it and, without making the market audience get tired by your ads, to convey the right messages, in order to introduce your product’s advantages to the potential customer and, through them, to create the need that almost dictates the purchase of the products.
To fully understand what I would like to propose, let’s follow the details of a distinctive example: a project for a handmade mattresses manufacturing industry, which has recently acquired its brand new corporate identity, a promotional photo-shooting and its unique website, all by Artware. The company was formerly called “Michaelidis Strom” Its new brand name is “Dreamco”, but it’s not just a name, there is an entire philosophy to support it. (Check here the story behind the name “Dreamco”.)

Step One: Set the target audience.
The very first thing to do is to define exactly the target market. Who are they? What are they doing? Which are their needs? What influences their purchasing decision? What are they seeking from a product? Where and how we can better communicate with them? It is very important for you, but also for your graphic designer, to fully determine and absolutely understand your target group, as this is the basis where you build up the whole communication strategy of your company. Sometimes the audience is variable; so, in this case, we should divide it into groups with same or similar characteristics and follow a different plan for each group by which we focus on their individual needs. For example, about Dreamco, there were two target groups that we wanted to reach out for: The first group consists of women 25-45 years old and the second group is hotels. Having these elements in mind, we proceeded to the next step.

Step Two: Factors that differentiate you from the competition.
Everything we do should definitely prove a strong competitive advantage. If the products fail to present competitive advantages, then you need to rethink how to change their status. A product without competitive advantage fails to pique the interest of customers and in business terms this means a loss of time and money in marketing campaigns without any profitable result. But, let’s return to our example: The company “Michaelidis Strom” provided its customers with high quality handmade mattress, by its real expertise. This was exactly the factor on which the whole philosophy of the new corporate identity was based: “handmade” and “premium quality”. Therefore, when it comes to your business, just take a break and write down all the factors that differentiate you from the competition and make your product better than others. At the end, select one advantage that makes you unique, and base on it your whole communication strategy.

Step Three: Increase Demand.
Then comes that moment when you should increase the demand for your product, but, how? This can be achieved by starting from the branding, by designing and the implementing the corporate identity, and not just by creating a logo and printing a business card. The corporate identity includes both logo and business cards, but only as individual components. The essence lies in the documented study and in the very good design that will attract views and communicate the values ​​of the company and the products. (See here the presentation of Dreamco.) It is very important to understand that the era of the product is over; now it is the era of the spectacle. In other words, having a good quality product is no longer enough; we need to know and how to present it evoking emotions and creating a relationship of trust between the customer and the product. Therefore you should carefully select your partner in branding: It should be someone with a rich portfolio, real experience and, at the same time, high aesthetic perception. The design helps immensely in gaining customer’s trust. Nowadays, it is not enough to write in big capital red letters “Handmade Mattress”, in order to sell mattresses. You need the right font, the appropriate size to avoid “meretriciousness”, the most suitable colours to evoke the feelings you want, the careful positioning of information to attract the viewer and help comprehension; finally, your products need very good photo-shooting, in order to blend with the corporate identity philosophy and answers all customers questions. Therefore, the mattress had to be presented clean and sophisticated, featuring its raw materials, to emphasize on the tactile texture and the softness… For Dreamco, we presented all this information through photography. See the example here (http://dreamco.gr/portfolio_page/andromeda-2/) and will understand exactly what I am trying to say.

Step Four: Tell the whole truth to your customers.
Customers nowadays are totally informed. Before choosing a mattress, they would certainly have checked a lot, read about all qualities and choices and spent several hours on the internet by visiting dozens of websites that sell mattresses. Truth is the only thing they are looking for. The more you let them know the truth, the more they will trust you. And do not try the slightest lie try on them, because, as soon as they find it out, they will reject you -and be sure that they will find it out for sure. Give them all the information they need to form a complete idea -to truly understand if this mattress suits them- tell them everything about the materials and suggest them what they can combine it with. For Dreamco, we photographed all the raw materials, one by one, and each layer of the mattress was created a clear image of the show.

These are the 4 basic steps you should take in order to introduce and present your products effectively. In the next article we will refer to new ways of promoting your products, because, as you have already understood, the conventional ways do not bring results anymore.