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A Custom Designed Website

Before we begin analysing how really useful a Custom Designed Website is for the online presence, communication and promotion of a business, let’s see what this term means! By a first attempt of interpretation, we would say that it is a “personalised Web Design”, but in order not to fall into misinterpretations, let’s just say that it is a “web design based on the personal taste and the unique requirements of each and every customer “.

And here comes the first argument: “Since there are so many ready-made themes, why not to use one of them?” The answer is simple: In the real world, why don’t you replace the name and the contact info on someone else’s business card and presented as if it is yours? But, maybe, things are a little bit more complicated in the digital world. But, let start from the beginning.

The gradually growing use of the internet in marketing and advertising makes it a necessity for each and every business to establish its digital presence in cyberspace. And since there are a lot of ready-made solutions, clusters of identical websites scattered on the internet are starting to spring up, featuring companies by only changing the name and the unique features. And so the marketing strategy has no place to be applied, when everything looks so similar -almost identical.

But, this is not just a matter of differentiation. It’s also a matter of functionality. Each product or service has particular features that should be displayed in a different way. In addition, each company has its own approach to the market, something like a distinct “character”. The use of a ready-made theme, a template, it would eliminate any noticeable difference and it would also not be able to adapt to the needs of the company and its products, resulting in wrong targeting and at least an unfortunate way of presentation. And all this happens without even mentioning the consequences on an e-shop.

Personalised Web Design includes two key factors that make the difference: On the one hand, the uniqueness of the client/company and on the other hand the creativity and the know-how of the designing staff. The term “personalised” is not just a coincidence. It highlights the company’s unique presentation, displaying the unique features, meeting the particular needs and requirements, and also featuring philosophy and the ideas of a highly trained designing team, which include the creation of code, the graphic design and structure and also the composition of unique texts, which are in full correlation with the data displayed on the website.