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Branding: The philosophy of the design

Branding is a unique tool available to a business. It is the trademark that is recognised at first sight by the customers. In addition to the well-known proverbial phrases such as “A picture is worth a thousand words”, the image that represents your business is not just a graphic feature that embraces brochures, packages, materials and installations. It’s actually an aggregate sample of your company’s philosophy.

This aggregate sample consists of the basic features that, in essence, describe your philosophy in a unique way and make the first impression to the public. “The first impression is important!”; true, but only partially. A good first impression definitely serves the rapid spread of your company name through the positive stimuli. But the factor that will make the difference is that the customer can understand more about the ideas behind the image itself.

According to marketing research, a customer tends to remember a company more by the image of its logo, than by its name. In addition, when a customer hears the name of company, creates instantly the logo as an image in its mind.
But, how can we highlight the philosophy of a company through branding? It’s really simple, even if it seems to be complex. Whether we follow the path of a modern and fresh design, or we run across the lines of a more classic technique, the result will reflect the basic image and the philosophy of the business itself. But even this choice of technique means clearly whether the owner of the business follows old classical and proven methods of approach, or whether they believe in innovation and in modern marketing techniques.

On the issue of branding a creative digital designing agency discusses with the customer about their plans concerning their business, their perception of the market and the marketing approach for the company’s products and services. This is the complete view of the specific characteristics that provides the designer of a corporate identity with the complete idea of the entrepreneur’s philosophy. And it is the philosophy itself that will be attributed as an image/message to convey information and ideas to the market audience.

Artware uses an innovative approach on this matter. With its excellent technique, modern equipment and the best of its partners, its aim is not only to create an elegant and perfect image of the corporate identity of its client, but also to compose with it an “explanatory caption” for the company’s integrated philosophy.